As you adapt and change your Organisation and Business you will find that your workforce will need to develop new skills or enhance some of the skills that they already process. Here’s a taste of how we may be able be able to help.


When change at work arrives you may find that you may need to develop new skills in order to compete within the workforce. Below is a taste of the sort of courses that we can provide to help you.

  • Make it easy for your customerCourse on providing the service that your customer wants

  • Making sense of your businesses futureCourse on how to decide on the right business strategy

  • Words, Music and DanceCourse on the skills you need to communicate successfully

  • Who can help my career Course on who your Stakeholders are and how best to work with them

  • You’re not welcome to tread on meCourse on asserting yourself

  • Get more of what you want - Course on how to influence and persuade people

  • Death by Powerpoint- Course on creating and delivering powerful presentations

  • I’d rather stay where I amCourse on how to deal with resistance to and how to instigate change

Utilising out many years of experience we design our course to suit your needs and are especially developed for the needs of you and your Business This gives us the flexibility to find a solution and cost that fits you.

Through the process of understanding your business we can create a training event for you. If you can invest a few days or hours we can deliver something that will make a difference. Costs will, of course, reflect this.

Training or Coaching

Perhaps you feel that attending a course isn’t right for you right now –if so we can arrange for individual coaching sessions at a place and time to suit.

benefits of individual coaching are that:

  • You will able to identify solution(s) to help with specific work related issues

  • Coaching can be adapted to how you like to learn and you can go entirely at your own pace

  • By focusing solely on what you wish to concentrate on most people see quicker results.

  • The coaching is extremely participative and as a result you will be able to develop new habits more easily

Call us so that we can discuss a programme to suit you.


For managers all of these courses can be delivered to groups up to 12 participants however we have delivered this support to individuals within a one to one coaching situation. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we can negotiate a solution to suit.

For Individuals –costs depend upon demand and location –call us for an individual quotation.

Contact us for a personalised quotation.

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Other Courses

Easier to do it myself -Course on Delegation

"Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future" – John F. Kennedy

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